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SkinRevive By Dr.Gauri Bobhate

Dr Gauri Bobhate is a Homeopathic Doctor, licensed cosmetologist and an expert in aesthetic treatments.With over 12 years experience in the medical field, her choice of skin/hair and wellness treatments are organic and pure. Sometimes even from the cupboards of your own kitchen! She is also a formulator of SkinCare, by botanica UK.

Gauri conducts her own creative workshops across India empowering men and women across all ages with live stations on hot and cold pressed soaps, skin care products, nutrition, lifestyle etc.

She currently owns and runs a clinic in Mumbai, writes a successful blog and is an influencial speaker on health & wellness.

A true PassionPreneur, she believes good health flows from inside out.  Therefore, she doesn’t limit to medicine but also extends to a wholesome holistic approach of mind and body.

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