Benefits of Jamun or Javaplum

//Benefits of Jamun or Javaplum

Benefits of Jamun or Javaplum

#Jamun or #javaplum is another #seasonalfruit available in India during summer… I have so many childhood memories with this fruit since we had a huge tree in front of our house in my native place #sawantwadi, our afternoon timepass along with my cousins was to remove these jamun from tree, add salt over it and enjoy it…

Jamun contains high levels of #antioxidants, photo chemicals and #vitaminc C

  • Improves skin complexion due to antioxidants properties and vitamin c content in fruit.

  • Remedy for #dark spots, #pigmentation and #acne- Dry the jamun seeds in the sun for a week. Finely grind them into a powder. Mix the powder with honey and apply on the pimples and leave overnight. Wash off in the morning. Do it regularly for a week to see results.

  • Helps in digestion and activates the liver and spleen.

  • It is a good remedy for diabetes.

  • Regulates blood pressure.

  • Purifies blood, cures #anemia and stops skin eruptions.

  • Stops #diarrhea & #dysentery.

  • Relieves throat affections and other respiratory diseases.

  • Removes #worms.


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