Why Make & Use Handmade Soap?

//Why Make & Use Handmade Soap?

Why Make & Use Handmade Soap?

Most of the soaps available today in the market are filled with synthetic surfactants, artificial fragrances and hardening agents that hardly do anything beneficial to the skin. They strip away the natural moisture from the skin and are major causes for skin irritation and sensitivities. Several skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and acne have become increasingly common. Handmade soaps can be formulated with skin loving oils, butters and other ingredients to alleviate signs of skin distress.

Natural handmade soap contains glycerin, a humectant, which results as a byproduct of saponification. While commercial manufacturers isolate the glycerin to be sold off as a separate ingredient for pharmaceuticals or cosmetic industry, the gl cerin remains intact in a bar of Handmade Soap. The glycerin draws moisture from the atmosphere to keep the skin moisturizer and soft.

When you make something from scratch yourself, trust me, it is a priceless feeling of accomplishment. There is nothing more satisfying to do something you love for yourself and for loved ones around you. Handmade goodies make awesome gifts with a personal touch.

When you buy handmade soaps, you are supporting a small scale local business. Instead of beefing up a roaring large scale establishment, you are lending a helping hand to single artisan made product which is a huge deal for the crafter.

So why wait, get started on your journey of making handmade soaps.

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