Horse Gram/Kulith Health & Skin Elixir

//Horse Gram/Kulith Health & Skin Elixir

Horse Gram/Kulith Health & Skin Elixir

Horse gram also called as Kulith is a type of legume, generally grown in dry agricultural areas. It’s also called as Poor Man’s food. In Maharashtra and specifically the coastal Konkan region and Goa, it is often used to make kulith usal or pithla. It is a legume that has loads of health benefits. It is an excellent source of antioxidants, beans are rich in nutrients. They contain plenty of calcium, phosphorous, iron and protein . If you lead a stressful and a fast lifestyle, horse gram could be just the thing for you. In Ayurveda, it is known for its astringent properties, antibacterial & antifungal.


  • Keep Kidney Stones at bay- Regular consumption of cooked horse gram helps to expel small kidney stones. Research shows that horse gram inhibits formation of calcium oxalate stones in kidneys. Acts as diuretic.
  • Anaemia–  The iron content of this bean helps to boost haemoglobin which is lost from menstrual cycles in women who suffer from scanty bleeding or irregular menstrual cycle are benefited by this pulse.
  • Diabetes- Regular consumption of these beans helps to reduce blood glucose level.
  • Weight loss– The nutritional contents of these beans, low carbohydrate, more protein and fiber, contribute to weight loss.
  • Enhances Immunity– Helpful in common cold, fever, bronchitis and asthma since it relieves congestion and makes breathing easy.
  • Bowel Disturbance– The fiber content of horse gram helps to ease bowel movement and relief from constipation.
  • Beauty benefits– According to Celebrity Dietician Rujuta Diwekar – The secret to a complete meal, healthy soil and glowing skin lies in these undervalued assets in our kitchen – the dals, legumes and pulsesCore pointers: 1.Prevents dark circles 2. Prevents stretch marks and wrinkles, 3. Promotes a toned body and 4. Soft supple skin.

I have tried using this as a Kulith Face Mask from powder of this horse gram seed. Kulith powder is easily available in Indian Grocery store.

How to Make– Take 2 tsp of Kulith powder and add to it 1 tsp of Yoghurt and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix all ingredients together and apply on face and neck, leave for 10-15 mins or until it’s dry and then wet your finger tips and do circular motion on face and neck. Then rinse off with lukewarm water and apply toner and moisturizer.

What are the benefits-

  • Soft and supple skin.
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Glowing skin.
  • Getting rid of facial oedema.
  • Eye bags reduction.
  • Anti aging.
  • Acne reduction because of antibacterial properties it will help reducing inflammation.

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