Masala Dhoodh / Spiced Milk

//Masala Dhoodh / Spiced Milk

Masala Dhoodh / Spiced Milk

Happy Kojagiri Pournima.

Sharad pournima is a full moon day which comes in October and has special significance.

The practice of drinking Masala milk during this day has its origins in science.

Fall Season or Sharad ritu brings in very hot days and cool nights. During such weather, ‘pitta’ or acidity becomes predominant in our body. Consumption of milk & rice flakes is a good remedy for ‘pitta’.

Back in the day, members of a household would gather in their Aangan to see reflection of moon in a big utensil filled with this milk. Although just a ritual, it ensured every family member was awake and were actively interacting. ☺ something we can learn for today’s busy routine?

How to make this milk-

First we need to make is masala powder – We need 1 cup of Almonds, Cashews and Pistachio, we can also add 2tsp pumpkin seeds, charoli(chironji) and dried rose petals. Fragrant spices added are cardamom,nutmeg, and saffron. Fennel seeds can also be added which are good for digestion, but it’s optional.

Blend all these nuts and spices together in mixer grinder coarsely and masala powder is ready.

Now take 1 glass of milk in a pan, once its boiled add to it 3-4tsp of masala powder mix and simmer for again 5 mins. Masala Milk is ready to serve…..

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