Psoriasis, Natural remedies and Homeopathy

//Psoriasis, Natural remedies and Homeopathy

Psoriasis, Natural remedies and Homeopathy

Psoriasis, natural remedies and Homeopathy treatment

Psoriasis is a recurring autoimmune disorder characterized by red, flaky patches on the skin. Even though it affects your skin, psoriasis actually begins deep inside, in your immune system. It comes from your T cells, a type of white blood cell. T cells are designed to protect the body from infection and disease. When these cells mistakenly become active and set off other immune responses, it can lead to psoriasis symptoms.

Here are some excellent tips to help you manage the symptoms and provide comfort.

✔️Prevent dry skin- Use a humidifier to keep the air in your home or office moist. It can prevent dry skin before it starts. Sensitive skin moisturizers are also great at keeping your skin supple and from forming plaques.

✔️Avoid fragrances- Most soaps and perfumes have dyes and other chemicals in them that may irritate your skin. They can make you smell great but they also can inflame psoriasis. Avoid such products when you can, or choose those with “sensitive skin” labels.

✔️Eat healthy- Diet plays an important role in managing psoriasis. Eliminating red meat and fatty snacks may help reduce flare-ups that can be triggered by such foods. Cold water fish, seeds, nuts, and omega-3 fatty acids are known for their ability to reduce inflammation. This can be helpful for managing psoriasis symptoms. Olive oil may also have soothing benefits when applied topically to the skin. Try massaging a few tablespoons on your scalp to help loosen troublesome plaques during your next shower.

✔️Warm baths for itch relief- Hot water may be an irritant for your skin so have luke warm water bath. Moisturize immediately after your bath for double benefits.

✔️Reduce stress- Any chronic condition like psoriasis can be a source of stress. This can often turn into a vicious cycle when stress itself can worsen psoriasis symptoms. In addition to reducing stress whenever possible, consider incorporating stress-reducing practices such as yoga and meditation.

✔️Avoid alcohol- Alcohol is a trigger for many people who have psoriasis.

✔️Try turmeric- Herbs are commonly used to treat many conditions. Turmeric has been found to help minimize psoriasis flare-ups. It can be taken in pill or supplement form or sprinkled on your food. The FDA-approved dosage of turmeric is 1.5 to 3.0 grams per day.

✔️Stop smoking- Avoid tobacco. Smoking may increase your risk of psoriasis. If you already have psoriasis, it can also make your symptoms more severe.

✔️Aloe Vera- Gel from the aloe plant can be applied to the skin up to three times a day. Some research shows it can help reduce redness and scaling associated with psoriasis.

✔️Apple Cider Vinegar- Apple Cider Vinegar has been used by ancient cultures as a disinfectant, apple cider vinegar may help relieve scalp itch from psoriasis.

✔️Dead Sea Salts- Adding Dead Sea salts or Epsom salts to your warm bath water and soaking in the tub for about 15 minutes may help remove scales and ease itching. Be sure to apply moisturizer to your skin as soon as you get out of the tub.

✔️Oats- Oats are considered one of nature’s best skin soothers. Apply an oat paste or taking a bath in oats relieves their itchy skin and reduces redness.

Role of Homeopathy in Psoriasis-

Homeopathy is a natural, safe and effective science that treats skin complaints wonderfully well. Homeopathic medicines remain very successful in treating psoriasis by moderating the overactive immune system. Homeopathic medicines follow a curative approach in treating psoriasis and do not suppress it. In fact, by the time treatment ends, psoriasis is completely eradicated, in its full extent.

Top grade Homeopathic medicines in this category are Arsenic Album, Arsenic Iodatum, Graphites, Petroleum and Sulphur.

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